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meal planning is not my thing.


I have a confession. I am terrible at meal planning. When I attempt to do it, I rarely make anything on the plan, instead opting for going out, something quick, or something less healthy. The main thing I struggle with is that I hardly ever feel motivated to invest time in cooking during the week.  The simple solution? Quick, [...]

13 Reasons Why


You know, watching a tv show about teen suicide doesn’t sound that fun. And it’s not. What it is is emotional, thought-provoking, and heart-wrenching. Honestly, I was expecting it to be sad, maybe a little disturbing, and I was not expecting to have such a strong reaction.  I had heard of the novel a long [...]

the path to strong


My friends and family all know I’m not a huge fan of exercise, specifically when it comes to strength training. Oh, I occasionally go to yoga, and I run, but other than that? Nope. In 2015, I hired a personal trainer at my gym, in the hopes that it would motivate me and get me to a [...]