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I’ve done a poor job of blogging lately. I have lots of updates!

After the scary chest pain during my 1/2 marathon, I went to the doctor. My EKG was perfectly normal, and I’ve been running fine since then. Doc thinks it was likely costochondritis, which as it turns out, I have had before! Now think I will be able to tell the difference in the future for sure, I didn’t think it was my heart, but always better safe than sorry.

I’m running a 10k in less than 2 weeks…. I’m feeling unprepared for the distance (as per my usual!) but I have run 2 minutes per mile faster this month than usual, and that’s mostly easy runs, so I’m psyched! I will have to post about what I’ve done and what I think is helping.

I have some good books to review too, so check back later for that too.

PS. Pineapple + Basil makes a really tasty smoothie.

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  • I had meant to ask you about the chest pains – I’m glad it turned out ok, that worried me.
    Which 10km are you running?
    Oooh I have fresh basil in the fridge – must make smoothie!

    • Saturday is Brazen’s Summer Breeze. I’m looking forward to it but I haven’t done enough long runs since Capitola. The heat is killing me! And I have a nasty cut on my toe, so I might need another day off before I can put a real shoe on again.

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