Sunday, Day 7

I was hoping to be productive this weekend, but so far that hasn’t happened. I guess I have a lot more time at home in front of me, so it doesn’t really matter.

Also, who’s going to notice if my floors are overdue for mopping?

I find it slightly ironic that I’m fully stocked up on food and have enough for 2+ weeks of decent meals without going out, and yet I’m eating chips and salsa, bagels and cream cheese, and cheese and crackers for my meals this weekend.

I read something online yesterday that said if everyone would stop hoarding and panic buying, and just go back to buying weekly groceries like normal, stores could be fully stocked again in 7-14 days. And I bet this is correct. So I am going to try to stay out of the grocery store for 14 days. I really wanted to go today to get some yeast and some flour for bread making. I have some but I think I’m slightly short on the amount of flour I need. And then when I thought about it, I realized that I have plenty of food, and it’s not at all essential.

It seems a lot of people bought bottled water, just in case. And here in California, water is on the list of items for earthquake preparedness, so it’s not an outrageous thing to buy. I, however, did not get any water. So here’s what I’m doing instead, just in case — every time I finish a bottle of wine, I wash it and fill it up with filtered water from my fridge, and put the cork back in. Pretty soon, I will have rows upon rows of bottles filled with water.

As a special treat today, since I don’t have a very entertaining update for the day, here’s another poem.

A troubled soul cries out, 
lost amidst the darkness. 

The night sky is dark, 
darker than any before. 

The stars shine brighter, 
to light the way, 
as the night grows on. 

Lost souls gazing at the horizon, 
the darkness gives way to dawn, 
and the stars fade away.

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