Isla Seymour Norte

Our second stop on Saturday, Isla Seymour Norte is home to the Frigatebirds. Here we saw the Great Frigatebirds, the Magnificent Frigatebirds, as well as other birds.

The Frigatebirds were a constant companion to our ship during the trip. Frigatebirds cannot swim or land on water, but spend up to a month at sea (flying). They even sleep while they are flying! They enjoy riding in the air currents above ships and occasionally take a perch.

Frigatebird perched on top of our ship.

There really were a LOT of birds to see on this island. There were many displaying male Frigate birds, and females circling looking for mates.

Blue-footed Booby
Displaying male Frigatebird.

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  1. Emma Lewis

    Beautiful seabirds! We have frigate birds and boobies here in the Caribbean. Seabirds in general are endangered globally – for many reasons. Thanks for this lovely post!


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