Post Office Bay, Isla Floreana

Wednesday afternoon, we went kayaking and took a trip to Post Office Bay.

My videos of the Galápagos green sea turtles won’t upload, so I will post them when I get home next week.

Post Office Bay is one of the oldest traditions on the Galápagos Islands. Dating back to whaling times, the whalers would stop at Isla Floreana, and visit Post Office Bay. If they found anything at the “post office” near where they’d be heading, they’d take it and hand carry the letters to the recipients. This tradition continues today. Visitors look for letters addressed near their homes, and take them with a promise to hand deliver them. Visitors may also leave a letter or postcard in the barrel, hoping that a future visitor will deliver it.

View from Post Office Bay.

Punta Cormorant, Isla Floreana

Today, we spent the day at Isla Floreana.

We started with a hike at Punta Cormorant.

After our hike, we went snorkeling. I wish I had an underwater camera! A giant alpha male sea lion swam right next to me. He was so close I could almost touch him.

This afternoon we are kayaking and visiting Post Office Bay, also on Isla Floreana.

Punta Pitt, Punta Suárez, & Gardner Bay

Monday afternoon we went for a hike at Punta Pitt, on Isla San Cristóbal.

Monday evening, we dropped anchor back in the harbor near the airport.

Monday, while we were sleeping, our boat navigated to Isla Española.

This was my second night ever sleeping on a boat. And it’s seriously difficult to sleep while navigating through choppy water.

On Isla Española, we went for another hike.

After our hike, we went snorkeling, and then for a stroll along the beach at Gardner Bay.

[Hopefully the image quality is ok. I’m using an app on my iPhone to make them smaller to upload.]

Tomorrow we’ll be arriving at Floreana Island.

Kicker Rock & Cerro Brujo

Our first afternoon on the boat, we cruised over to see Kicker Rock.

Today is our first full day on the boat.

This morning, we took the pangas over to Cerro Brujo. I saw my first blue-footed booby, but didn’t get a good photo.

We saw lots and lots of sea lions, some of them coming up very close to us.

This afternoon, we’re going on our first hike, at Punta Pitt.