Galápagos videos

Here are a few videos from my trip. These videos somehow didn’t make it into any of my other posts.

We kayaked right on up next to the Flamingos!
The beach at Isla Espanola. That’s our boat in the distance.
Sea turtle up close!
Here he is again on the other side of our kayak.

Isla Bartolomé

This was one of my favorite places in Galápagos.

Since I wasn’t feeling well, I missed the Friday morning excursion at Playa Las Bachas. However, it’s hard to be sad, or have a bad day when you wake up to this view!

Photo of the pacific ocean viewed through cabin windows of a yacht.
The view from my room aboard the Theory.

While others were snorkeling, a few of us went out in the “glass bottom” panga, to look for penguins. And we found lots!

These penguins are so cute!
He’s so regal looking!

After seeing the penguins, we took a hike to the top of Isla Bartolomé. There’s a boardwalk-style ramp with around 400 steps to get to the top. It seems like a lot, but it turned out to be totally worth it (and not that hard).

Isla Bartolomé is one of the younger islands in the Galápagos, and pretty barren. It almost feels like being on Mars. You can definitely tell this is an island of volcanic origin.

The water here was so pretty, this lovely cerulean color.

And at the end of the day, another fabulous sunset.

Photo of sunset at Isla Bartolomé
Sunset at Isla Bartolomé.

Isla Seymour Norte

Our second stop on Saturday, Isla Seymour Norte is home to the Frigatebirds. Here we saw the Great Frigatebirds, the Magnificent Frigatebirds, as well as other birds.

The Frigatebirds were a constant companion to our ship during the trip. Frigatebirds cannot swim or land on water, but spend up to a month at sea (flying). They even sleep while they are flying! They enjoy riding in the air currents above ships and occasionally take a perch.

Frigatebird perched on top of our ship.

There really were a LOT of birds to see on this island. There were many displaying male Frigate birds, and females circling looking for mates.

Blue-footed Booby
Displaying male Frigatebird.

Isla Plaza Sur

Isla Plaza Sur (South Plaza Island), a small island off the coast of Santa Cruz, was our first stop on Saturday.

Plaza Sur is known for birds, ice plant, prickly pear cactus, and land iguanas.

I have to say, I was not expecting to see so much cactus (or really any cactus) on this trip.

Female Land Iguana. You can tell she’s a she because she’s so dark in color. We just missed the mating season, so the males weren’t all that colorful either, but you can still tell the difference between the sexes pretty easily.