River Woman, River Demon

River Woman, River Demon by Jennifer Givhan is a captivating novel that takes readers on a journey into the world of Hoodoo, a spiritual practice that blends African and Native American traditions.

The novel is a fun, fast-paced, and engaging story, with unexpected twists and turns in the mystery that kept me guessing. Givhan does an excellent job of weaving together the various threads of the story, including the supernatural elements of Hoodoo, the complex relationships between the characters, and Eva’s dark past. I immediately found myself fully immersed in the world of River Woman, River Demon, and eager to uncover the truth behind the murder.

One of the novel’s unique aspects was the portrayal of Hoodoo. Givhan brings this spiritual practice to life with vivid descriptions of rituals, spells, and the various tools and ingredients used in its practice. This inclusion of Hoodoo adds a layer of mystique to the story and offers a unique perspective on spirituality and the supernatural, which is rarely explored in mainstream fiction.

Eva, the main character, has a complicated past. The novel delves deep into her psyche, exploring her fears, desires, and regrets. I wish Eva had been more body-positive towards herself; Her constant mental judgements of herself and her weight became tiresome and detracted from the story. However, I see how this is all part of Eva’s struggle to love herself. Due to this and her past trauma, she also struggles to love her children and husband and accept their love for her.

The river that runs through the novel is both a symbol of life and death and a recurring motif that ties the different threads of the narrative together. As the story unfolds, unlocking the mysteries of the murders is the key to setting Eva free.

Overall, River Woman, River Demon is a well-written, engaging novel that combines elements of mystery, supernaturalism, and social commentary in a compelling way. Givhan’s portrayal of Eva and her world is authentic and deeply moving and will keep readers attentive until the final page.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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