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To Procrastinate or Not

Sometimes, I feel like a champion procrastinator. It is often difficult to find motivation to start hard things. This is where procrastination wins.

I’m not sure there’s many pros for procrastination. However, sometimes you get lucky and after you procrastinate and end up not having to do the thing. This is not always a good thing however.

Other times, I feel like procrastination just means more work and less time to do it.

And because I procrastinated on writing this post, it will probably not have any artwork.

Today’s #Bloganuary prompt: What are the pros and cons of procrastination?

The night sky as viewed through tree branches. Image created by DALL·E.

What is a song or poem that speaks to you and why?

A troubled soul cries out, 
lost amidst the darkness. 

The night sky is dark, 
darker than any before. 

The stars shine brighter, 
to light the way, 
as the night grows on. 

Lost souls gazing at the horizon, 
the darkness gives way to dawn, 
and the stars fade away.


This is today’s #Bloganuary entry. This poem was originally published here.

Today’s art comes from a request to Dall•E to make something to go with the poem.

Photo of a black and white Havanese Dog sleeping in a crate.

Puppy Love

I have not thought recently about how I show love. A while back, I did the quiz from the book about Love Languages.

I’m pretty sure I scored high in gifts, acts of service, and maybe food. There’s really not one answer here. It depends on who you are. It depends on who I am at that particular moment.

If you’re one of my dogs, you get shown love through walks, grooming, affection (lots of affection), toys, birthday celebrations, treats, and of course, getting dressed up in dresses, PJs, and Halloween costumes.

If you’re anyone else… if you know, let me know, OK?

Today’s #Bloganuary prompt: How do you show love?